Sunday, 28 July 2013

Lots of new photos in the bus pages!

I have now uploaded lots of photos taken by students.and staff during their time in Lima, Chile or Peru and put them into their respective bus pages (see tabs at the top of the blog home page). They are mostly images of the kids or the staff getting involved in their activities or travelling to and from them. There are some really nice ones there, and some funny ones as well! Hopefully we will have a collection for every bus group by tomorrow (two groups to go). I will also add photos to the existing collections when they come in.

Keep those messages of support coming!

I also thought you might be interested in this video message from David Cloran, the CEO WYD Coordinator which he recorded a couple of days ago. David has done an incredible job making the Rio WYD2013 dream a reality for the students and staff of Sydney Catholic schools and in so doing has provided them with an opportunity that they would hardly expected to come their way. Everybody  on this trip owes you a great debt of gratitude David. Well done to you and thank you on behalf of every pilgrim!

There are also a couple of (very rough-and-ready) videos of the students having fun on the beach at Copacabana.


  1. Thank you Mark for the photos and updates - I love the spirit and sense of the people, community and the amazing time you are all having - thank you David Cloran and all the teachers and organisers - incredible!!
    Bec Maas

  2. Thanks again Mark. I have really enjoyed and appreciated your posts which have given us the chance to participate a bit!! All the best to our pilgrims may the spirit not weaken!!