Wednesday, 17 July 2013

'Stupid is as stupid does'

Forest Gump was a prophet. He knew stuff. I don't know much at all but I do know it wouldn't take me long to stuff something up on this trip and I didn't disappoint. I missed my connecting flight from Santiago to Lima. I had been waiting for 10 painfully long hours at the airport then missed the plane. I thought I was travelling on the same flight as my  Bus 1 colleagues as the departure times were around the same time.I thought there were three flights - there were four. Let's call it for what it is. I am an idiot.

The good news is that I was able to get on the flight I thought that I was originally going to be on which is incredibly fortunate. I think I got the last seat on a very big plane. The bad news is that my luggage is on the other flight. So I have about three hours to wait before I learn if  I will have any other clothes to wear in Peru and Rio other than the ones I have on right now. Maybe it is time for a new wardrobe anyway.

So I will have to wait a while yet before I find out what I will get from my  box of chocolates...

Postscript:  Michael Hollis, Bus 6 Group Leader and all-round good guy, was able to get my baggage for me from baggage retrieval. He even brought it back to the hotel where it was waiting for me at reception when I finally arrived at the hotel at around 1.30am. So it looks like I won't need to wear the same clothes every day after all. After 26 hours of travelling and being awake for just under two full days, my fellow travellers and I are finally in Lima Peru. We are all very very tired but that was expected. Tomorrow, another journey begins...


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  1. Mark, a great story about the early part of your journey. One worth writing about...after arriving late last night, Bus no 6 pilgrims spent their first day in Lima visiting beautiful churches and the holy places of Saints Rose and Martin de Porres. We stumbled upon a colourful procession in honour of Our Lady of Mount Carmel