Tuesday, 6 August 2013

A short entry and lots more Bus 6 photos...

Greetings everyone! I am writing to you from a strange place called Sydney Australia. We are all back now - arriving at various times over the past few days. the last flight was scheduled to touch down early yesterday morning (Monday) at around 7.40am. Not sure if it landed on time as planned but it is good to know that everyone is home safe and sound.

It was a 141/2 hour flight from Santiago Airport following a three-hour flight from Buenos Aires and a four-hour stopover in Santiago. It was a mostly uneventful flight on QF28 but 141/2 hours is a long tome in the air and there are so many movies you can watch before your eyes glaze tell you that that's enough. As you might imagine, my sleep patterns are all over the place - I slept for quite a few hours yesterday but have been up since about 3.00am this morning. I hope it doesn't take too long to get back into a regular sleep pattern (as a very erratic sleeper, that doesn't mean much for me, but I am happy to resume regular irregularity as soon as possible).

This is just a short entry. I am back at work at my desk today, for the first time. It is great to see my work colleagues again; we have spent some time catching up and they have been patiently listening to my stories and experiences for the past month. As you might imagine, I have a bit waiting for me here so I don't have too much tome to write just now but I do plan to write something tonight.

I have now placed up a new bank of photos from Bus 6. I am hoping to put more up in the coming days as they come through from other bus groups. I am also keen to get out to the schools that sent students to WYD to get some video reflections from them, now that they are home. I have this strong sense that this is important. That might take a week or two so I hope you will be patient. Consequently, the plan is to keep the blog rolling along for a little while yet. In the meantime, please feel free to copy the photos that you would from the blog if you would like to use them.

I am not underestimating how much time it will take to feel completely at ease back home. 'Re-entry' into the the routines of work might take a little longer than we all expect. I have just been speaking about that with a colleague who called up to Communications to say hello. I hope you will be  patient with us all in the weeks ahead if we don't seem quite up to speed with the usual pace of life - hopefully, we will get there in time. It is likely to take longer still to process the experiences we have all shared. More about that later.


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