Bus 2

Greetings everyone, and welcome to Bus 2 on route to WYD 2013!

Bus 2 has the boys from Marist College Eastwood with Group Leader Mr David Foong, Holy Cross and Joey's students, with Group Leader Ms Emma Fielding, as well as the girls from Domremy College Five Dock and Marist Sisters Woolwich with Group Leaders Ms Laura Musolino and Mr Paul Wallis respectively. 

The health of our group is in great hands with our nurse Lea Agnew!  And last but not least, we are being looked after by our newly ordained priest Fr Daniel McCaughan. It's a great team.

So to all mums, dads, families and friends of Bus 2, we look forward to you following us via our blog and sending us as many messages as you can.

Enjoy! Ms Ann Freeman - Bus Leader.

Here are some pics from some of of our activities which included a tour of the city of Lima, mission work in the Lima shanty towns and visits to local schools. It has been an incredible journey so far with much more to come!


  1. Hello Pilgrims to Rio. I travelled to WYD Madrid. Very exciting. You are in for an amazing experience. Hello from all at Marist Sisters Woolwich.

  2. Enjoy your first few days great to see there is already something written on your blog xoxo

  3. Thank you Ms Freeman for the update.

    To our daughter Ebony Morell-Koroi,

    We wish you a safe and enjoyable journey. It was so nice to hear your voice last night and to know that you'd all arrived safely on the other side of the world.
    We miss you and look forward to many more updates on this pilgrimage.

    Love You; from Dad, Mum, Shaqa & "Dylan"

  4. Thank you Mrs Freeman. Ebony Morell-Koroi, we are certainly missing you. Make the most of your journey , my girl. It will be a great experience for you. Enjoy & absorb as much as you can. Love you. Take care & God bless. Mum & the gang at home.

  5. To Nicholas Chesterton wishing you a happy 16th birthday from all of us back home.Hope u have a great day.

    Lots of love Mum,Dad,Courty,Nat,Pa,Ruby &Basil.

    To the pilgrims on bus 2 we wish everyone a safe & spiritual journey.

    The Chesterton Family

    1. Just eating Nick's cake now, Watch this space for the photos.

  6. Hi to all the pilgrims on Bus 2 including my daughter, Ebony- we are waiting to see some pics of your trip so far.

    Cheers to a great and wonderful journey.
    Stay safe and God bless you all.

    Love you Ebony.

  7. Hi everyone on Bus 2, great to hear you have arrived safely in Peru. I hope that the mission work is a faith enhancing experience for you all. Big thanks to the wonderfully generous teachers who are leading each group and Fr Daniel and Mrs Freeman. Special hi to Justin, we are missing you and hope you are having a fantastic experience.

  8. Hello to the MSCW crew, it's a good day for the Athletics carnival here and the Houses are all decked out. Mr Powell again wears his straw sunhat draped with green and Mr Lewis has a pink brigade like never before... we'll miss you at Homebush but so happy you're having a wonderful time at your WYD experience.

  9. Gidday to all the pilgrims especially my daughter Ebony & all on Bus 2. Very proud to read about the work you all participated in, contributing towards making Pamplona a safer area for those who live there. Thank you all for your generous spirits. God bless you all.

  10. Hello to all the Pilgrims, especially to our daughter Jacinta Birbara and all the girls, teachers and carers from Marist Sister's College Woolwich. I won't lie, I've been mess since Jacinta left with all the Pilgrims. It is great to read that everyone is well. We wish you all a safe trip to Cuzco to visit Machu Picchu. May God be with all of you, keeping you safe and well. Love you lots Jacinta and miss you terribly. God bless to all, stay safe. Mum, dad, and Nicolette Birbara. xoxo

  11. Hi to all. It is great to read your updates. A wonderful opportunity to make a difference to to this community. We can share your enthusiasm through the stories and photos. Keep well . Enjoy this very special experience.

  12. Hello to all pilgrims on Bus 2. Hearing great stories about your humanitarian work completed in the Shanty Town of Lima. You should all be extremely proud of yourselves for providing this wonderful service to this community. It must have been a deeply rewarding and emotional experience to do this. Congratulations to all of you.
    Enjoy the sights and sounds of Cuzco and Machu Picchu. It looks amazing!

    To our daughter Jacinta. We all miss you terribly and may God watch over you in this special time of your life. xoxoxoxo

  13. Hello to you all- thank you MR for your description of experiences had by all. It is very descriptive- I feel as if I'm part of it all as I read. Ebony - we miss you so much & the house is so quiet without you.

  14. G'day to all WYD/13 pilgrims especially Holly L-W and all on Bus 2.
    When I spoke with Holly recently she described the experience thus far as "amazing". I asked "What's amazing" she replied "everything".
    Holly, you sound so happy. You look so happy.
    Thank you to the teachers, Nurse Lea, Fr McCaughan and Ms Freeman.
    May you all stay safe, happy, healthy and continue to experience the "amazing" moments.
    Love Mum, Dad, David, Bobby & Sophie.
    Mums, Dads & friends of MSCW - check the photos from Bus 3. Many MSCW girls feature in that file.

  15. Hello again to all the Pilgrims. Wishing you a safe journey to Rio Brazil, God be with all of you. Have a great time and enjoy the experience.

    To our dear daughter Jacinta. Still missing you terribly. It is so lovely when I hear your voice and receive texts from you darling. It makes my day. :)
    Enjoy the next part of this fantastic trip to Rio Brazil. Stay safe darling. God bless you. Love you lots, Mum, dad and Nicolette xoxo ps Baba, dida and Taita say Hi too. xoxo

  16. Dear all,

    Thank you for sharing your photos on the blog. It is wonderful to be able to see what you are all experiencing. It looks truly life changing.You are in our thoughts and prayers. Travel safely. Mrs Trimble

  17. Hi Tim and all on bus two. Tim we wish you a very happy birthday. We know it will be a special day with memories you will treasure always. We miss you but know you are enjoying a unique experience. Fortunately the blog is keeping us up to date with your travels ( because your communication is pretty limited!!!) . Have a great day. With lots of love ,mum and dad.

  18. Hello to all the pilgrims on Bus 2 especially to our daughter, Ebony Morell- Koroi. As I read the blog daily & see the beautiful pictures that depict such happy faces of our children, I feel an overwhelming gratitude to the teachers and leaders on each bus that are responsible for the care of our children on this wonderful experience. A big thank you for taking care of our children- it is a huge responsibility that you have all taken on. God bless you all- Mrs Freeman, Mr David Foong, Ms Emma Fielding, Ms Laura Musolini, Mr Paul Wallis, Nurse Lea Agnew & Fr Daniel McCaughan. From Ebony Morell-Koroi's family.

  19. Hi Paul
    Sounds like you are having an amazing time. Enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

  20. Hi Marist Sisters Pilgrims! I have enjoyed reading your blog and seeing all the photographs! You will have LOTS of stories to tell us!
    Enjoy your last few days - we look forward to seeing you all safely back home.
    FYI - the Japanese exchange starts here tomorrow.
    Ms Fisher

  21. To all the MSCW pilgrims on Bus 2!!

    Life is so much quieter without you all here!! Can't wait til you get back and share your stories with us all! The photos look amazing and you look like you have had the time of your lives.

    I'm guessing the plane trip home will be pretty quiet with you all looking like you've done so much in the time you've been away!! Have a safe journey back and look forward to seeing you all on Monday!!

    Miss Hobson :) xx

  22. P.S Miss Musolino - I've got LOTS of work for you to do when you get back :P haha

  23. Hi all you hard working, hard travelling pilgrims! You will have memories for a lifetime! I enjoyed your photos.