Bus 6

Welcome to Bus 6! We are made up of students from All Saints Catholic Girls' College, Liverpool, Clancy Catholic College, West Hoxton, Good Samaritan Catholic College, Hinchinbrook and St Patrick's College, Sutherland.

We are being ably supported by Fr John Knight, Pilgrim Group Leaders Rechelle Beaufils, Eamon Brown, Marc Ghignone and Kelly Morales, Pilgrim Fiona Grech and CEO personnel David Cloran and Anthony Morgan. I can assure you that the Bus 6 pilgrims will be well looked after!

What an incredible opportunity World Youth Day 2013 will be for all of us! The pilgrims are looking forward to a range of experiences: mission work in Peru, visits to New Wonders of the World at Machu Picchu and Christ Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, the whole World Youth Day week itself and a retreat at one of the New Wonders of Nature in Iguazu Falls. There will be so many eye-opening experiences and people from all around the world with whom to share them. 

Please keep in touch with us along the way. See you when we get back! And we really look forward to getting your messages!

Michael Hollis (Bus 6 Leader)

After three days...

What a whirlwind first few days it's been! Starting with a long, but comfortable, flight to Santiago, followed by a very long stopover in the Chilean capital, we finally arrived at our hotel in Lima approaching midnight on Monday, 15 July - more than 30 hours after we met at Mascot to commence our pilgrimage.

After a short sleep, we were straight into some mission work on Tuesday - helping the residents of the shanty town of Pamplona to build a staircase. This sounds simple enough, but it required about 50 fit and able young Australian pilgrims to pull it off (we had some help from Bus 8 on the day). This town was a sight to behold - dirt roads, rubbish discarded in a very haphazard fashion, ramshackle structures put together with a range of different materials and most things existing on very steep and unstable slopes (hence the need for a staircase). Our pilgrims got right into the task at hand - mixing cement, carting rocks down to fill in the framework, forming a human chain to send down buckets of cement and doing this for hours on end. The end result? More than two thirds of a 59-step staircase completed, some very grateful residents and 50 very proud (and exhausted) young Australians. The most impressive thing about the day was how the pilgrims worked together, i.e. with a sense of determination, camaraderie and conscientiousness, and without a word of complaint. Truly inspirational!

On Wednesday, our mission work involved visits to two different schools, which again were in poorer parts of Lima. The Bus 6 pilgrims gave fluoride treatments to primary school-aged children, handed out toothbrushes, did catechesis, played games with kindergarten boys and girls, and gave donations to our hosts. In a fairly unstructured day due to some language difficulties, our pilgrims did another great job. They had a great time interacting with the kids and it was hard to work out who was smiling more at the end of the day - the pilgrims or their new little friends.

Looking forward to a tour of the city of Lima tomorrow, followed by Mass with Cardinal Pell.

Hi long-suffering and dedicated followers of the pilgrims on Bus 6! I finally have some pics to add to your page. The poor PGLs have been so busy looking after the students that they haven't had a lot of time to get some pics to me. There are some on the more blog page but here are some more from Good Samaritan HInchinbrook teacher and Bus 6 PGL Fiona Grech. Hope you enjoy them. Will get some more to you as soon a s I can. Interniet upload speed is sooooooo slow!!

Hi again

Here is a whole lot of additional pics form from PGL Eamon Brown involving students and PGLs from Bus 6 at various stages of their trip. I hope you enjoy them.



  1. Hi guys!

    Hope you all have an awesome time at World Youth Day 2013. All the best to the Good Samaritan Catholic College group!!!

  2. Hi everyone on Bus 6 and a special hi to Kaitlin from Clancy.
    Glad to hear you finally arrived safely in Peru.
    Have a wonderful WYD experience !

  3. hey to GSCC pilgrims, Fiona, Eamon and Cliffy,
    Have an unreal time- keeping up with your news will be fantastic.
    Look after each other...you are in my prayers,
    Becky Jarvis

  4. Hi Michael
    I am really enjoying reading your updates so thank you for taking the time to let us know what you have been doing each day. My son Alex is on bus no 5.Please say hi to him if you have a chance.
    Kind regards

  5. Great work with the staircase in Pamplona! From everyone at Clancy.

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  7. Well done St Pats kids. We're proud of the difference you made in the lives of the kids of Pamplona. Keep that St Pat's flag flying. Go Tom Boyd. Hello Cam, Tom M and Josh. Look after Rechelle.

  8. Great to see all the smiling faces in the photos.
    Special shout out to Clae and the other GSCC Pilgrims you are only a small group but doing our college very proud. Have fun :) The Dicksons

    1. Its official- St Pat's kids and Father John have made the big time- front page of The Catholic Weekly. Hope you all enjoyed Machu Picchu Special thank you to the Group Leaders for taking special care of our pilgrims. the Boyds

  9. Great work St Pats and all on Bus 6. Keep up the photos and postings - we love hearing from you.

  10. Come on Bus 6 , Bus 9 is killing us on the blog and photos. We all know its Bus 6 who are leading the way in Rio Enjoy the final Mass Special thoughts and prayers to the St Pat's kids Another shout out to the awesome Group Leaders. We've heard nothing but praise for you. Thank you for taking care of our young pilgrims

  11. Yes come bus 6 .. more photo please .. hope you are all well, it sure looks as if you are all having a ball, and what an experience it has all been for you all.I would like to thank Marc and of course all the bus leaders and pilgrims for taking care of u all. A special hello to all the Clancy catholic children and my son Frankie...

  12. Cheers to all of bus 6,it has been fantastic following your pilgrimage.thanks to all the fantastic Leaders on the bus and hugs and kisses to Kaitlin,we are missing you ! I hope you all enjoy Argentina !

  13. hi all on bus 6...well it all coming to an end, hope you have all enjoyed yourself. to my son Frankie we miss u so much, but i so glad that we were able to sent u to this great experience in your life. take care of yourself and see u when you all get back,cant wait to hear all the stories.

  14. Cheers to all on Bus 6 and a special hi to our intrepid brigade from St Pat's. The TV footage of the Mass looked amazing!!! Special thanks to the Group Leaders - you must be exhausted. We appreciate the great support you are giving our students. Enjoy the retreat at Iguazu Falls - isn't it an awesome spectacle!!

  15. Hello Bus 6. It will be wonderful to welcome you home soon. We have followed your adventures with such interest and often more than just a little pride!
    This is our opportunity to thank Michael Hollis for his incredible work in keeping things organised. We have heard what great job he has done. So; THANKS!
    Also we are very grateful to the group leaders, and Fr. John, thanks for caring so much and bringing them all home to us, safe and sound. Amanda Brady and Keith Middleton.

  16. Hello Bus 6, especially the St Pats kids. We have been following your adventures with such interest and more than a little pride. We can't wait to see you Sunday evening, safe and sound at the airport.
    We thought we would take this opportunity to thank Michael Hollis for his incredible hard work in keeping things on track for bus 6. We have heard from Annabelle that you have worked tirelessly. So thank you!
    We are also really grateful to Rechelle, all the pgl's and Fr John for taking such care of, and bringing our pilgrims home safe and sound. Thanks, Amanda and Keith