Bus 7

Welcome to Bus 7 - 'The Trinity Express'! 
All pilgrims on this bus are looking forward to experiencing God and deepening our faith as we travel through some of the most beautiful places on earth. In the Marist tradition, we keep our focus on Jesus and we ask the gentleness and humility of Mary to lead and intercede for us as we journey through World Youth Day Brazil 2013. Please send us your messages when you can!

Who need the television screens? The teachers from Bus 7 got their own video of the arrival of Pope Francis at Copacabana Beach. Take a look! BTW< photos coming soon, promise!! Just need to get the camera cards form the students...


  1. Hello Hello my student pilgrims!!! I have missed you but especially I am going to miss our weekly meetings :)

    How was the flight? I am hoping all of you are well and spoke to some of your parents yesterday for PT interviews. Make sure you don't forget to keep in touch with them.

    I can't wait to hear from you and all of Trinity are keeping you in their prayers for a safe and moving journey.

    All my best wishes to you,

    Miss Banjavcic

  2. Hello fellow Trinitarians!!

    Hope you are all enjoying the journey as I can imagine very well.
    Miss you all heaps (especially my brother Supi, Sama and the Sisters), but know my prayers are with you all always. Continue to experience a life time and stay close to Christ. Take plenty of photos, until then pilgrims all the best.

    God bless,


  3. hi its simon good luck with the WYD hope to see you soon send bring back picture bye

  4. I hope that the flight was not too long.

    Sister Mary Rachel and Sister Mary Magdalene _ Please say “Hi!” to Francis when you are having a cuppa with him. Keep us all in your prayers as you go about this special journey in your life.

    Kevin _ NSW won. GI has a busted knee. Out for eight weeks.

    Ben _ I hear Vanessa is doing a great job.

    Mona _ I hope that you are keeping a check on all meals and making sure that all student and staff are aware of the Food Pyramid.

    Students _ How lucky are you. What an experience. Lots of photos and lots of journaling. Photos do not always say how you feel. Make sure you experience everything you may not get another chance.

    God bless you all.


  5. Hi Team Trinity, as you all repack your luggage and fly down to Brazil, I cant help but be humbled by all that you have achieved in less than a week of your pilgrimage. God is watching you and guiding you. Thank you to all the teachers and students for your commitment during your mission work in Peru. Yes I miss my daughter Samanunu Nefer Weleilakeba oh so much, but I know our good Lord has her, her friends and teachers safe from harm's way. Thank you Mark Rix for setting up this blog. Looking forward to reading and seeing more. God bless you all....Lots and lots of love, Willy Low Weleilakeba

  6. Hi guys,
    Just been reading a blog about you building stairs in Lima. Wow!
    I hope you all stay safe and well as you continue your truly remarkable journey.
    We are all praying for you, and I know you'll say a prayer for us.
    Don't forget to have fun!

    Lynne Deer (Regents Park campus)

  7. Holla Pilgrims!

    I hope you're all having a blessed and wonderful time overseas. This pilgrimage is an experience you'll never forget, so be sure to take in and cherish every single moment!

    I hope that by the end of your experience, you will be as spiritually and physically enriched as my fellow pilgrims and I can attest to being after the wonder that was WYD Madrid 2011.

    After hearing about all the wonderful things you guys are getting up to, its safe to say that i am extremely jealous! :( haha. Nonetheless, i will keep you all in my prayers!

    Stay safe!

    Judy Okan - Year 12

  8. Hey guys!

    I hope you're having so much fun over there, and I can tell you are from seeing your photos!

    Take good care, especially you Rachel! Prayers are with you all, have fun xx

  9. Hello Orlaine! We are missing you so much! Haven't seen a single photo of you yet! Please upload! God bless you! Love you so muuuuucccchhhhh xoxox